VDY3 - December Vacation Week for 8 to 10 years

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You are viewing the full week of Vacation Week Offerings for ages 8 to 10 years.
Each workshop is $20, or you can register for the entire week and save $25.00!

Workshop Descriptions:

  • The Badge - Show off your design skills by making your very own detective badge using metal tooling techniques!
  • Coded! - Create artwork with secret messages using symbols and invisible inks.
  • Disguised! - Use your imagination, pen and pencil, 3D Doodle Pens, and mixed materials to design and create a disguise worthy of a secret-agent!
  • Fake or Real? - How can you tell a fake artwork from a real one?  Find out how forgeries are detected and make a masterpiece copy of your own!
  • Fingerprints and Portraits - Each person is unique, and fingerprints are the proof!  Let’s use fingerprints as our inspiration to create mixed media self-portraits.
  • I Spy… - What lies unseen in plain sight?  Find hidden details in the galleries, and create your own paintings with secret meanings!
  • Make a Mystery - Become an author/illustrator as you create your own mystery comic with characters and a plot, all of your design.
  • Sight Unseen - Can you draw something you cannot see? Have fun using your other senses like touch and sound to explore and draw still life items.
  • Solve It! - A sculpture has been stolen! Search for clues, work the case, connect the dots, and find the missing artwork!
  • The Stolen Sculpture - Create a glittering clay sculpture worthy of being stolen, inspired by the works in the Museum’s galleries.


Registration Options:

To register for the full week, on the top listing that costs $175.00, enter the number of students you are registering for the weeks’ worth of workshops in the quantity field.  Then scroll to the bottom and click Register.

To register for individual workshops. Below the top listing, click the link that says Show Individual Events. In each workshop you want to register a child for, enter the number of students you are registering in the quantity fields.  Then scroll to the bottom and click Register.


PLEASE NOTE This fall there will be construction work occurring in the Higgins Education Wing as the windows and skylights in the wing are being replaced.  If there will be any effect on your class, such as a change in studio, we will let you know ASAP.

This class will need to meet minimum enrollment of 5 students to run.

  • Parking: You may park in any Museum lot or choose on-street parking, if available.
  • Drop off: Enter the Museum via the Lancaster Street Entrance using either the stairs or the new elevator entrance just past the stairs.  You will meet your instructor in the Lancaster Lobby.
  • Pick Up: A parent or guardian must come in to get any student(s) under 13 years old.